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Is your oven not heating up? Is it getting too hot? Do the top burners not ignite properly anymore? Find out if you're having an ignitor problem, thermostat, sensor, spark module, or computer problem with the help of Don's Appliances!


Nearly all modern stoves and ovens are electronic ignition. This helps to eliminate a continuos burning pilot which can blow out and cause the appliance to feel hot to the touch. With electronic ignition, there is an oven ignitor that glows red hot and signals to the safety valve to let the gas into the oven burner. Oven ignitors can weaken over time and cause the oven to have erratic behavior, such as the temperature not being correct, or the oven not come on at all.


Computers vary in functionality, some are simple timers and clocks, while others are the brain of the oven, which controls oven ignition, temperature, bake, or broil, and other features.

If you have a computer in your oven and the temperture doesnt seem right, you could potentially have a bad sensor, but the computer could also be bad.
If the display goes out, more than likely you'll have to replace the entire computer, some have a seperate touch panel, and main computer.

Top Burners

Top Burners also use electronic ignition which includes, ignitors, switches, wires, and a spark module. There is a switch mounted on the top burner valve, which is the knob you turn, when you turn the knob, the switch completes the circuit to the spark module, and the spark module sends a high voltage spark through the wires to the ignitor. If you no longer hear the "click" sound, you could have a bad spark module. If the burner ignites sometimes, it could be as simple as the burner being dirty, or possibly a cracked ignitor. In some cases, the wires can develop cracks and rather than sparking at the ignitor, it sparks wherever it grounds to the chassis of the stove. If you're having trouble with your ignitors, try cleaning them first.

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves have different parts than gas stoves but they basically work the same. They require 220v ac electricity, which is double than the ordinary wall outlet.
They either have a thermostat or computer to set the oven temperature, and use either a bake or broil element to heat the oven. The top burners are powered by infinite switches that control the amount of electricty that goes through a receptacle to the top burner elements.
Common problems with electric stoves are the receptacles get burnt out that the burners plug into, and will not supply the burner with electricity. If the oven is not getting hot, you could either have a bad element, thermostat, or computer.


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