Repair Vs Replace

Do you take the time to repair your appliance or just throw it away and replace it?

It seems like Appliances and everything else for that matter are just not made like they used to be.
No longer is Grandmas fridge going to last 30-40 years.
Typically your appliance is going to give you 3-5 years before they start needing repairs.
The repairs can be minor and cheap, or major and expensive!

These are a few guidelines that we follow:
Cosmetic Condition
Nature of repair - Minor or Major
Future repairs
Quality of Old vs. New

If you have a 10 year old washer that gets used all day long, everyday, and needs a major repair, such as Transmission, Motor, or Computer and potentially will need repairs in the next year or so, it might be time to replace the washer.
Saying that, do you go out and buy the fancy, new, expensive washer that looks real cool, but cost an arm and leg and is going to only last you 3-5 years, what do you do?
At Don's Appliances, although we are a service company, we're people too and are faced with the same decisions about appliances, computers, cars, TV's, and every other technological device that we 'have to have'. So we will give you our honest, professional opinion, but also from a consumers stand point. If we feel like it is not worth repairing your appliance, we will tell you upfront that it would be better to replace the appliance and help you find the right appliance for you.
We want to alleviate the stress of repairing vs. replacing and help you make an educated decision.


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